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No, this isn’t some April Fool’s joke.  Some Albanian retard hacked my site and took the whole thing down.  However, with the help of my web host’s support team, I’ve been working to bring it back up.  They were able to give me some pointers and point me in the right direction to get up and running again, so a big thanks to them.  It looks like I’ve recovered my content and now I just need to restore my theme.  This will do while I continue my work.  Hope you like bananas.

Update #1:  So I’ve got the bulk of my theme up.  I just need to rearrange and tweak a few things.  No more bananas!

Since the My Twisted Mind upgrade went so well, I’m going to try it here. I’m also going to turn on auto-update for WordPress AND Gallery on both sites and hope for the best. I’m feeling reckless, but I don’t care! I live on the edge, baby. THE EDGE! Here goes nothing!

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It’s become something of a tradition that I make a quick post before trying to update WordPress since each update seems to break WordPress badly enough that Dreamhost support has to fix it each time. Hopefully that won’t happen this time, but who knows. Just in case, here’s my heads up that I’m updating. I hope this goes out over the RSS feeds in time, and I’ll be cross posting this to askthefatty.com just in case. Luckily I can keep typing up my World Cup posts on my Droid, save them locally, and then publish them all rather quickly once the site comes back up. But that’s disaster planning. The update will go fine. Really!

Really! :D


Update: Either Facebook changed something or WordPress did or the plugin I was using did, but the Facebook integration no longer works and quite frankly I don’t care to fix it because Facebook is not my favorite thing. The commenting thing might work, but I’m not sure and don’t have time to test it. If it works for you, then great. If not, then that’s the way the cookie crumbles, I suppose.

Original post:
The rumors are untrue! I have not gone into a diabetic coma from too many Milky Way Caramel bars, nor did I spend any time in the hospital due to my ill advised attempt to combine the aforementioned candy bar with a 3 Musketeers. I’ll have you know that I already ate all my 3 Musketeers bars never had any of those to experiment with in the first place! Now that we’ve settled that, how about we move on to other things.

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That’s it! I’m done! Askthefatty.com has been simmered, seared, fried, baked and grilled to perfection! The backend stuff is all done, my theme modifications are up and not hideous, and I’m working on my first set of reviews now. It’s been a long, tasty road, but we’ve finally arrived. Ask the Fatty is officially open for business! So, what went into making this fever dream a reality? So glad you asked!

First, I had to see if the domain was free, and if so, register it. Nice and easy, two minutes and you’re done. After registering it, I set up my existing webhosting account to host the askthefatty.com domain. Here’s where the tomfoolery began. Apparently there was some kind server side misconfiguration that prevented the domain from resolving properly. Neither myself or the tech support team could figure out how it happened, but they were able to correct it on their end. Success! The domain resolves! Now to set up WordPress!

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Ingredient list:
Domain (up and running!)
Wordpress install (fully configured!)
Theme (almost done with modifications!)
Content (just as soon as the theme is ready!)

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