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Beer Review #30: Saranac Pale Ale

Bottle description: Deliciously rich and flavorful, this is a complex brew with an easy going taste. A happy contradiction in a bottle.

ABV: 5.5%

My thoughts: I drank this mofo right out of the bottle. I was in a trivia competition, you see, and losing quite badly. There was no time for glasses! That said, let’s move on to the beer itself. This ale had a very light hop aroma. There’s a mild tartness with a typical hoppy bite. It’s an average IPA that’s a little too bitter at the end for my taste. It’s highly carbonated and feels quite crisp. I wish there was more to say about this, given how much I liked their pumpkin ale, but this is unfortunately a pretty average beer.

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Beer Review #18: Lagunitas Censored

A post a day? Ha! More like a post a week, amirite? I really need to set an alarm or something so I remember to do this. ANYWAY! Today’s beer is Lagunitas Censored, from the fine people at Lagunitas!

Website description: Malty, Roasty, and Deceptively Smooth This Amber-esque ale gets more of a cocoa-toasty flavor from the use of chocolate malts.

ABV: 6.7%

My thoughts: This was my second beer here in Cali. It’s got a sweet and sour thing going on, which I really liked. Its not really a sour patch kid thing, but more of a sweet and sour chicken thing… if that makes sense. It tastes like it’s made with brown sugar or something similar (which I later learned was chocolate malts). I’m not sure what gives it the tart taste, but its a combo that works really well. I wish I’d taken a picture of it poured out in a glass, but I was too busy being a savage and drinking straight from the bottle. I’m definitely a fan.

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Beer Review #17: Angry Orchard Green Apple

Earlier this year I moved to CA. Very recently I moved back to NY. Its been quite a year, filled with a lot of change and uncertainty, but thankfully it was also filled with a lot of beer! Now that I’m more or less settled back in NY, I thought I’d resume posting my beer reviews. I’ve decided to alternate between the beers I’ve had in CA (I tried an even 100!) and those I’ve had in NY. I’m hoping (don’t get your hopes up) that I can put out a post a day. Let’s see how that goes! To start with we have…

Website description: Angry Orchard Green Apple has a bright, fresh apple aroma, with notes of honeydew melon and kiwi. This cider is slightly tart with balanced sweetness, reminiscent of a fresh green apple.

ABV: 5%

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