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Beer Review #69 (Nice): Goose Island IPA

Style: IPA

Menu description: Grapefruit, piney, citrus-fruity aroma.

ABV: 5.9%

Tasting notes: A great IPA that I’ve had many times. It’s the only IPA that I know of with a sweet finish. Top quality here!

Rating: 4/5

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Beer Review #38: Captain Lawrence Tears of Green

Style: IPA.

ABV: 7.8%

My thoughts: Strong citrus scent. Interesting fruity flavor. It’s very sweet and the hop flavor is almost nonexistent. It’s very smooth and almost creamy. No indication of its ABV. The finish is clean and there’s an almost fresh taste to it, sort of like a fresh and juicy fruit salad. This is a fantastic beer!

Rating: 4.5/5

Brewery website: Captain Lawrence Brewing

Captain Lawrence Tears of Green
Captain Lawrence Tears of Green
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Beer Review #24: Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA

Website description: Torpedo Extra IPA is an aggressive yet balanced beer with massive hop aromas of citrus, pine, and tropical fruit.

ABV: 7.2%

My thoughts: This is a pretty solid IPA. It’s got a nice, mildly hoppy aroma. It’s a beautiful and somewhat dark amber color. There’s a hint of something slightly sweet and floral that I can’t quite put my finger on. It’s pretty smooth with the typical IPA bite at the end. There’s not much more to say. Its a bit above average with a good hop flavor and won’t let you down, but it’s not one of those beers that really wows you.

Number of times I’ve had it: 1

Rating: 3.5/5

Downtown Rookies Sports Bar & Grill
Visalia, CA

Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA
Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA
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Beer Review #7: Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA

Before we begin today, I wanted to note that I’ve updated my post about Blue Point Sour Cherry Imperial Stout. I got to have it again recently (it’s a seasonal beer) and have some more stuff to say about it!

Today’s beer is the illustrious Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA. Last time we discussed how much I love IPAs, so I’m pretty sure you can guess how I’m going to feel about this beer.

There’s actually an interesting story involved with this one. The first time I had it, there was a mix up and I had the 60 minute IPA instead of the 90 minute IPA. This was after Joe and Luis, a couple of friends of mine, had raved for months about how excellent Dogfish Head Brewery’s beers were. So I grab my glass, thinking it’s 90 minute when it’s really 60 minute and I take a sip.

I had fury.

This was an IPA?! This was one of the best breweries around? Shenanigans! This was swill! Trash! Basura! I did not care for it one bit. I would not drink it with a fox, I would not drink it in a box. I would not drink it with a mouse, I would not drink it in a house. I do not like it, Luis and Joe. 60 minute completely blows!

Because of this experience I swore off Dogfish Head for quite a while. After some time had passed I was prevailed upon to try it again by my Dogfish Head loving friends. Adam (best bartender ever!) assured me that 90 was really good and 60 was not so good. We speculated that there may have been a mix up at the bar I tried it at before, so I gave it another shot here. I’m really glad I did because Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA is an excellent IPA. I don’t think anything will dethrone Sierra Nevada for me, but this is the next best thing, as far as I’m concerned.

It’s classed as an Imperial IPA and that sounds very fancy. I should probably look that up one day to see how that’s different from the regular people IPA that I’m used to. 90 minute is hoppy, even for an IPA, so if that’s not your thing, you’re gonna have a bad time. Its slightly malty, but not overly so. The hops are really front and center here and Dogfish Head must be using some really quality stuff because every glass I have is flawless. I can’t praise it highly enough. It is a bit strong, so be prepared for that.

9% ABV


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Beer Review #6: 21st Amendment Brew Free or Die

The holidays are over and its time for me to stop being a lazy asshole. After almost a month of sloth, stuffing my face with holiday treats, and wild parties (maybe not that last part) I’m getting down to business with a delightfully patriotic beer, 21st Amendment Brew Free or Die!

The website has a pretty great description of it, even using some scale I’ve never heard of to describe how bitter it is. It’s 7. It’s 7 bitterness units. Whatever that means. Silliness aside, it’s an IPA and you know how I love me some IPAs!

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