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Overdue Review #2: Waffles!

There’s something you should know before we begin this review. I hate mussels. Despise them. They taste like sand, but I suppose that’s to be expected from a filter feeder. I can’t stand them. If I could, I’d cut them so bad, they gonna wish I no cut them so bad.

Why is this important? Because the place we’re about to review has a specialty. And that specialty is mussels.

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Posted by on May 31, 2010 in Restaurant Reviews


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Recipe for a Website, Part 2

That’s it! I’m done! has been simmered, seared, fried, baked and grilled to perfection! The backend stuff is all done, my theme modifications are up and not hideous, and I’m working on my first set of reviews now. It’s been a long, tasty road, but we’ve finally arrived. Ask the Fatty is officially open for business! So, what went into making this fever dream a reality? So glad you asked!

First, I had to see if the domain was free, and if so, register it. Nice and easy, two minutes and you’re done. After registering it, I set up my existing webhosting account to host the domain. Here’s where the tomfoolery began. Apparently there was some kind server side misconfiguration that prevented the domain from resolving properly. Neither myself or the tech support team could figure out how it happened, but they were able to correct it on their end. Success! The domain resolves! Now to set up WordPress!

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Eat it!

John: You been lyin’ to your daddy, boy, and you KNOW you shouldn’t lie to your daddy. Who’s your daddy? Come on, you know who your daddy is… Who’s your daddy?!? D’Argo, tell him who his daddy is!
D’Argo: I’m your daddy.

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Posted by on January 23, 2010 in Nuts (and Bolts)