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Beer Review #54: Warsteiner Pilsner

Style: Pilsner

Menu description: Cool & crisp, tangy malts, bread notes.

ABV: 4.8%

Tasting notes: Very pale with a distinctive scent. This has a sweet taste. There’s gotta be some kind of fruit or honey in here. It’s interesting, not like much else I’ve had before. Definitely different from the pilsners I’m used to.

Rating: 3/5

Warsteiner Pilsner
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Beer Review #50: Dogfish Head Sah’tea

Style: Ancient ale

Menu description: Brewed with tea, citrus & floral flavors, very yummy!! Subtle and balanced spice, notes of black tea, cloves and pepper.

ABV: 9%

Tasting notes: A sweet tasting and sweet smelling beer. It has an almost honey flavor with a hint of spice. There’s something else is going on in with the flavor that is tough to describe. Complex, yet inviting.

Rating: 4/5

Dogfish Head Sah'tea
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Beer Review #16: Ramstein Maibock

This is one of my early reviews. I knew less and wrote less and generally they are not as detailed as my later reviews. As I go through my tremendous backlog of beer notes, I’ll indicate which reviews are based off of my older notes. They have less info than I’d like, but they still helped me keep my beers straight, so I figured they’d be worth posting. From here on out, I’ll simply add the “early review” tag to beer review posts that are from those early days instead of having this big block of text at the start of the post.

Menu description: Bready malt, hint of honey, very smooth.

ABV: 7.5%

My thoughts: It has a strong honey taste. Aaaaand that’s about it. There wasn’t much in the flavor that I really noticed other than some mild malts and the honey. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t really anything special. The description from the Croxley’s menu lies about this beer being smooth. It’s an easy enough drink, but again doesn’t stand out in the smoothness category. It smells pretty nice, but unfortunately you don’t get any of those scents in the flavor. It’s too bad, with an angry sounding German name like that, I expected a more exciting beer.

Number of times I’ve had it: 1

Rating: 3/5

Croxley’s Ale House
Farmingdale, NY

Ramstein Maibock
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