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Restaurant Review #5: IMC – Imperial Meat Company

I had the greatest steak of my life here. That’s no exaggeration! I’ve been to several high end steak houses, but none can compare to the Wagyu beef these guys serve. But it doesn’t stop there. Literally everything I had here is amazing. The bread (3 varieties) they serve at the start tastes fresh baked and comes with a platter of creamy, spreadable butter (bonus points because it doesn’t feel like it was just pulled from the freezer), large grain salt, and oil and vinegar with herbs. It’s amazing.

Remember that steak I mentioned? Wagyu hanger steak cooked medium well. Unquestionably the best steak I’ve ever had in my life. Simply without comparison! It was cooked to perfection and wasn’t slathered in any sauces or overly spiced. Just a touch of salt and pepper and maybe love and happiness. It. Was. Amazing!

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Overdue Review #4: Mukda

Let me start this off by saying I love Thai food. However I’m very picky with it because of two reasons:

  1. It’s very easy to mess it up and end up with something really lackluster.
  2. I’m not a big fan of coconut and that’s an ingredient that’s used in many dishes. I tend to avoid those, unless I have it from a trusted source that the coconut in a particular dish isn’t excessive.

That said, I do like trying new Thai places. We came to Mukada for dinner in May of 2012 for my mom’s birthday. She’d heard about it from a Thai coworker who said that she ate here whenever she wanted a taste of home. That was enough of a recommendation for me, so off we went!

The decor was a bit odd. It looks almost like a cross between what I imagine a diner in Thailand would look like and a proper fancy pants restaurant. It wasn’t bad though, and it was clearly well maintained.

The staff was very nice and cheerful and I enjoyed their enthusiasm. They acted as if they really excited about having us there. That kind of welcome and attentive service is always appreciated. On to the meal!

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Overdue Review #3: Snaps American Bistro

I came here on 4/28/12 to celebrate a friend’s birthday. The decor is nice, but typical of a bistro. Its a modern/industrial look. Overall its appealing, but its dark as fuck and it was pretty cramped as well. I have to make a special note about the parking lot. It’s TINY! Like 5 cars tiny. I had to park down the goddamn street, like 4 blocks away! They take reservations here, so plan accordingly. I’ve noticed that some of my friends have a habit of really liking places that are impossible to park in front of. :| That aside, let’s move on to the food!

After looking at the decently varied menu, I decided to go with the $30 prix fixe menu. The menu looked pretty interesting and there were several things I wanted to try. The prix fixe option covered several of them, so I decided to go that route, figuring I’d go back and try the other stuff at a later date. And speaking of the menus, they look pretty cool. They have this big metal cover on the front. It looks really great, but it makes each menu fairly weighty. Delivering a stack of them to the tables can be a work out for the wait staff! Our group was 13 large and the waitress made 3 trips to deliver them. I felt bad for her!

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Overdue Review #2: Waffles!

There’s something you should know before we begin this review. I hate mussels. Despise them. They taste like sand, but I suppose that’s to be expected from a filter feeder. I can’t stand them. If I could, I’d cut them so bad, they gonna wish I no cut them so bad.

Why is this important? Because the place we’re about to review has a specialty. And that specialty is mussels.

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Overdue Review #1: Ninja Vanish!

I can’t tell you how difficult it was to bring you this review. In case my super subtle title has eluded you, I’ll be talking about the restaurant Ninja today, located in NYC. Briefly, I had a great time and the whole experience was quite enjoyable, but my review isn’t 100% glowing. This of course presents a problem. One must be… tactful when discussing something that may be perceived as a… possible minor imperfection when speaking about trained killers such as ninjas. You see, they are quick to anger and will kill without remorse. Somehow, the Ninjas in question found out about my first few drafts and they… expressed their displeasure. They showed me the error of my ways and I agreed to revise certain… more inflammatory sections. I hope this meets with their approval and they will stop breaking into my room at night and stabbing me. Without further ado, here is my belated review of Ninja:

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