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Beer Review #32: Bear Republic Big Bear Black Stout

Bottle description: Big Bear, as the name implies, is a hefty black stout. This stout boasts a rich, caramel sweetness lavished by a robust deep roasted heartiness you can really sink your teeth into.

ABV: 8.1.%

My thoughts: There’s a strong aroma here that seems to me to be a blend of malt and caramel. While the ABV isn’t super high, I am able to pick up an undertone of alcohol odor in the aroma. The flavor is pretty interesting. The description claims a “rich, caramel sweetness,” but I have to disagree somewhat. Its got some sweetness, but it takes a seat in the back… way back. Imagine the flavor of caramel, but without 90% of the sweetness. That makes up the main part of the flavor. As I said, there is some sweetness in there, but it’s minimized. This is in no way a sweet beer. Mixed in somewhere with that caramel is a smoky sort of flavor. It provides a good counterpoint to the caramel and balances the overall smooth feel of the beer with a bit of a rough edge. It’s not all that carbonated, which I find pretty commonly with the stouts I’ve tried. It leaves a bit of a tart smoke aftertaste, which I rather enjoy. I almost never do this, but I’m gonna recommend a food pairing! I feel like this would pair well with cheese or something similarly rich and salty. Overall, I’m pretty pleased with this beer, and not just because its going to my head!

Number of times I’ve had it: 1 (22 ounce bottle)

Rating: 4/5

Location: Got this as a birthday gift and drank it at home.

Bear Republic Big Bear Black Stout
Bear Republic Big Bear Black Stout
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Beer Review #15: Troegs Nugget Nectar

This is one of my early reviews. I knew less and wrote less and generally they are not as detailed as my later reviews. As I go through my tremendous backlog of beer notes, I’ll indicate which reviews are based off of my older notes. They have less info than I’d like, but they still helped me keep my beers straight, so I figured they’d be worth posting.

Menu description: Smooth resin and grapefruit notes balanced by subtle caramel malts.

ABV: 7.5%

My thoughts: Very light citrus aroma. It’s quite smooth and the caramel flavor really comes through. It finishes mostly clean, but there’s a hint of something at the end. I’m guessing that’s the resin, because I don’t know what else it could be. It certainly doesn’t taste like the grapefruit mentioned in the description. The caramel flavor I mentioned kind of reminds me of those soft caramels you used to be able to get at supermarkets back when they had loose candy bins because apparently people didn’t steal and lol sanitary concerns, amirite? It was a bit unusual for me as most beers with caramel flavors don’t give me that impression. This is a pretty sweet beer, but not so much that you can only drink one. Of course this is a decently strong beer, so maybe you don’t want to go too hard.

Number of times I’ve had it: 5

Rating: 3.5/5

Croxley’s Ale House
Farmingdale, NY

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Beer Review #5: Brooklyn Blast

A quick one today because today’s beer is nothing special. From the menu: “Grapefruit & other sweet fruits, caramel malts.”

It’s a pretty decent IPA, but that’s about it. It’s not really remarkable in any way, and I gotta say that I don’t know what they’re talking about with all this fruit nonsense. It’s better than a typical house beer and most other generic types or major brands. The price, like the taste, is inoffensive so that’s a plus. Not really much more to say here.

7% ABV

Brooklyn Blast
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Beer Review #4: Goose Island Pere Jacques

From the beer menu: “Belgian yeast, fig & dark fruits.”

I’m pretty sure the description here is wrong. I’m pretty sure it should read “Black magic and fairy dust brewed using ancient hoodoo practices, combine to form a tasteful bouquet that will blow your mind.” That more accurately sums up what this beer tastes like. I don’t know anything about figs or what they’d classify as “dark fruits” and I don’t care. This has to be one of the best beers I’ve ever had. It’s the beer that started my love affair with the Goose Island brewery. Most of what I’ve had from them has been very good, and this is among the premier beers they make, at least in my opinion. It’s dark, has a hint of sweetness, and goes down super smooth. While it’s stronger than your average beer, it’s not so strong that you can’t have a few and have trouble standing up. I highly recommend it!

8% ABV

Goose Island Pere Jacques
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