Recipe for a Website, Part 1

24 Jan

Ingredient list:
Domain (up and running!)
Wordpress install (fully configured!)
Theme (almost done with modifications!)
Content (just as soon as the theme is ready!)

After a rocky start, it looks like everything is coming together. My theme modifications are mostly done; I just need to tweak a few things. Screwing around with that background image and associated semi-transparent content boxes made me learn GIMP in a hurry. I guess that’s a good thing, but these Photoshop-type programs always anger me since they try to be as obtuse and unwieldy as possible. It’s like you need a graphic design degree to make sense of them.

I mentioned yesterday that I would have cake and unfortunately I am not currently in possession of any. But there’s a good reason! The cake is celebratory cake (and it is most certainly not a lie), and my work is not yet done. Tomorrow (or really, later this morning when I wake up) I shall complete my work and then, THEN there will be CAKE!

For me anyway. You can go get your own. I’m certainly not going to stuff any into the intertubes for you. You know what kind of mess that would make? And who do you suppose would get stuck cleaning that up, hmmm? So yeah, get your own cake tomorrow and celebrate with me the official launch of Ask the Fatty!

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