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Beer Review #8: Gulden Draak

So I got diseased but good! I’ve been sick since a couple of days after my last post and have subsequently been cursing every single person I’ve come into close proximity to due to the fact that they are all filthy, disease addled hobos and have spread their pestilence to me. Now that I’m finally better and can think straight, its time to once again get back to the beer reviews. Today’s selection is Gulden Drak, a beer that might be made from distilled rainbows.

The beer menu at Croxley’s states that its a Belgian beer made with banana, brown sugar, caramel, and is lightly spiced. If that sounds pretty awesome to you, that’s because it is. It is SO AWESOME. I’d tell you more about what the beer is made with, or how they make it, or anything else, but all I can tell from the Google translated site of the Dutch brewer is that the beer was named after a dragon on top of a church and it goes on about Irish coffee and some kind of battle or some such. I don’t know, Google translate made a mess of it and I can’t read Dutch, so you’re pretty much on your own here.

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Posted by on January 26, 2013 in Beer


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