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Beer Review #37: Barrage The Goddess

Style: Berliner weiss sour.

ABV: 3.2%

My thoughts: First, let me say WTF at this ABV. Is this even beer? It certainly smells pretty fucking sour. Well, it’s mouth puckeringly sour. So… Yeah… There’s almost something sweet when you first sip it, but it’s gone so quick I am not sure if I’m imaging it. The rest is just the sour of a fruit that’s gone bad. Strong carbonation. It’s quite dry. The finish is, as one might expect, more sour, but at least it vanishes quickly. I white girl can’t even with this.

Rating: 1/5

Brewery website: Barrage Brewing Co.

Barrage The Goddess
Barrage The Goddess
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Beer Review #2: Blue Point Sour Cherry Imperial Stout

A quick one today as sadly my notes on this were a bit on the light side. Also, the picture is annotated because of some shenanigans with Evernote, so sorry about that!

Blue Point’s rather lengthy description of the beer is located here.

I’ve had 2 of these so far and its pretty good! There’s not much cherry flavor in this beer, but it does have a pleasant cherry smell. The sour notes are light and the predominant flavor is the chocolate. If you’re a fan of stouts or beers made with chocolate, you’re going to enjoy this. It’s no Sam Adam Dark Chocolate Cherry (one of my favorite beers ever!) but its a very solid and enjoyable beer.

EDIT: I recently had an opportunity to have this again and I realized that I had the name slightly wrong. It’s Blue Point Sour Cherry Imperial Stout, not Blue Point Sour Cherry Dark Chocolate Stout. Since I just had it the other day, I’ve got some more thoughts on it to supplement my earlier lack of notes. The menu stated that this beer had “notes of coffee & sherry.” The coffee, sherry, and chocolate make an interesting and tasty blend, but they seemed to take a back seat to the sour cherry. That flavor was a lot stronger than I remember and the others took a definite back seat. Seeing as how they brew this for Valentine’s Day, I wonder if there are slight differences between batches because last time this beer didn’t seem to have too much of a cherry flavor. Or maybe my palette has just gotten SUPER REFINED because I’m awesome like that. It’s definitely good, and I think actually I prefer it with a stronger cherry taste. I liked how light on the tongue this beer was, not like a lot of other dark beers which feel heavy or viscous. Highly recommended!

9.2% ABV

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