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Beer Review #14: Southampton Biere de Mars

Menu description: Hints of vanilla & almonds, spiced fruits, floral hop.

ABV: 6.5%

My thoughts: Southampton Biere de Mars is a Long Island beer, in case you couldn’t tell by the name. Its brewed by the Southampton Publick House, a place I sadly never got to visit before moving to California. While I’ve had quite a few LI beers, this was one of the first I’d had from the east end. This one’s got a mild, but very fresh smelling aroma. I imagine this is due to the vanilla. It’s lightly hoppy, but you don’t notice that right away. The sweet fruity flavors are what first hit your tongue. I didn’t really taste any vanilla, which disappointed me. I like the oddball brew every now and then and a vanilla flavored beer would be pretty interesting, I think. Alas, this was not the beer to explore that particular flavor with. That said, it was pretty good. There’s slight nuttiness to it that shows up at the end along with the hop flavor. I think that flavor combination worked pretty well and I’d like to see more beers try that. It is a smooth and easy drink, which I always appreciate. I’ve only had this beer once, primarily because I’ve never seen it again after that first night. It’s a shame too, because its definitely something I’d like to have again.

Number of times I’ve had it: 1

Rating: 3.75/5

Croxley’s Ale House
Farmingdale, NY

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