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Beer Review #51: 21st Amendment Monk’s Blood

Style: Belgian style dark ale

Menu description: Hint of oak & red wine, malty, flavors of dark fruits.

ABV: 8.3%

Tasting notes: Quite malty, but decent. Tastes kinda chocolatey on my second go around. I approve!

Rating: 3.5/5

21st Amendment Monk's Blood
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Posted by on June 13, 2020 in Beer


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Beer Review #6: 21st Amendment Brew Free or Die

The holidays are over and its time for me to stop being a lazy asshole. After almost a month of sloth, stuffing my face with holiday treats, and wild parties (maybe not that last part) I’m getting down to business with a delightfully patriotic beer, 21st Amendment Brew Free or Die!

The website has a pretty great description of it, even using some scale I’ve never heard of to describe how bitter it is. It’s 7. It’s 7 bitterness units. Whatever that means. Silliness aside, it’s an IPA and you know how I love me some IPAs!

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Posted by on January 11, 2013 in Beer


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