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Beer Review #28: Shipyard Gingerbreadhead

Website description: This new winter beer is full-bodied with a smooth malt character; accented with ginger, cloves and cinnamon.

ABV: 4.6

My thoughts: A light, sweet aroma reminiscent of molasses. For such a darker beer, it’s remarkably light bodied. It’s got a pretty good gingerbread taste, almost like the cookies themselves. Carbonation is extremely low, which gives it a nice smoothness. It’s got a clean finish and has a hint of a wheaty cookie flavor. It’s decent, but there’s not much to it. A nice novelty, but nothing more.

Number of times I’ve had it: 1

Rating: 3/5

Location: Jackson Hall
East Islip, NY

Shipyard Gingerbreadhead
Shipyard Gingerbreadhead
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Beer Review #19: Drifter Pale Ale

Menu/bottle/website description: None available, since apparently its no longer in production and Widmer Brothers pulled it from their website!

ABV: 5.7%

My thoughts: An interesting taste. This was recommended to me by the bartender at Black Wolf Sports Bar as being similar to the Long Ireland Celtic Red Ale. It is, but it isn’t. It has a bitterness that isn’t present in the Celtic Ale, and is crisp and clean.

Number of times I’ve had it: 1

Rating: 3/5

Location: Black Wolf Sports Bar
This place was in Syosset, until it closed down. I guess the Drifter Pale Ale isn’t the only thing that’s no longer available.

Drifter Pale Ale
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